Born for Comfort

Wayne discovered customers’ core request for their footwear is to pursue comfort. Along with fashionable styles, high-end natural soft leathers, delicate production processes, he believed he will eventually grab the taste of his target customers. He had tried many materials for his designing shoe lining; and, finally he decided to use skins of the North America long tail deers. In order to provide the most comfortable fashion shoes, he also added materials of memory latex, poron, and flaxseed, and use the technology of 3D stereo-lithography to his production

Cooperative Partner

1.OEM factory

Mr. Wayne found is the first company worked on lady shoes R&D and manufacturing in Taiwan. It is also the early Taiwanese company set plants in mainland of China (1988). So far, this company has been in footwear manufacturing for 46 years. During the long-standing shoes making period, it accumulates experiences of factory management, employs plenty of sample designers with wise experiences of footwear making and technicians with skills of needling, looping, last, bottom making.

Due to the rising labor costs, some shoes making companies have moved their plants to inland of China or to South-East Asia countries in order to reduce production costs. However, quality shoes are unlike industrial products that primarily require continuing expansion of production scale and cost reduction. They are more of handiworks; they need a powerful support of employees with wise skills and technologies to produce. This Taiwanese company adopts human-based management with excellent enterprise culture. It keeps a group of skillful technicians and deeps into high-end lady shoes market.

2. Leather Suppliers

Most of leather materials this company uses are sourced from famous oversea leather factories. For the buckskin lining, it is only imported from the U.S. supplier. Due to buckskin output is not many and pricy, this company has become the only buckskin user for manufacturing shoe lining in China. It also adds additional expenditure for buckskin storage to this company.


PORON is the registered trademark of Rogers Company. PORON polyurethane foam material is well-known in the foam making industry. It has high density, wispy and even cell structure, and also excellent resistance for compression set. It is broadly used for electronic component sealing and shock absorption. It works efficiently for anti compression deformation.

4. Last Making Factory

All branded shoe lasts use more expensive new materials so are ours. Our lasts are made in a reputed Italian factory. It can rarely deform after multiple times of use and ensure shoes sizes are even.

On the other hand, some other companies prefer to use recycle materials for shoe last production in order to reduce production costs. However, it could cause deformation during manufacturing and lead to shoe sizes variation.

5. YKK Zipper

YKK is known as Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha. YKK is the early brand in zipper making industry. It represents industry standard because this company puts to use precise Japanese technologies, materials, and methods of management. The YKK zipper price is approximately 10 times of the other zipper brands. However, in presence, YKK still occupies most of the market share in this industry.

6.China Office

In order to serve rapidly growing Chinese market, we had established Dongguan Wayne Footwear Company Limited in China since 2016.

About Deer Skin

The buckskin Wayne uses is the imported North America wild long tail deerskin. It has features of tenderness, firmness, large porosity, and high Toughness. After vegetable tanning process, it brings buckskin with great feeling, touch like velvet. This feeling is much better then hogskin, goatskin, and cowhide.

In North America, it is only allowed to hunt wild long tail deer for 3-4 months a year. Because these deers are not farmed and hunted by gunshots, every piece of buckskin has 2 spots of scar. After shooting their targets, hunters have to drag deer corpses to camp.

In the past, hunters only took deer meats and made their angles or heads samples. Wayne on the other hand discovered these buckskins have one of the best toughs in the world. He bought buckskins back piece by piece and had the leather factories to process them.

During winter time, the ground is covered with snow. Dragging deers back to the camp do not cause much damage on buckskins. It helps make buckskins produced in winter the better quality. However, summer time is bad. Pieces of damages on buckskins can easily be seen. Therefore, the uniqueness of comfort has been unveiled.

The leather factories used to buy thousands of feet of buckskins during the winters and stored in warehouse, and use these winter-bought materials to produce jackboots during summers in order to prevent scars appeared on buckskins.

The U.S. is the major wild long tail deer producing country. However, due to the sourcing costs go up, buckskins have become very expensive. Currently, not many factories are using buckskins unless they insist to have unique soft lining.

From appearance, surface and inside of buckskin is more tender than goatskin, cowhide, and hugskin.

Size Chart



1 4 34.5
2 4.5 35
3 5 35.5
4 5.5 36
5 6 36.5
6 6.5 37
7 7 37.5
8 7.5 38
9 8 38.5
10 8.5 39
11 9 39.5-40
12 9.5 40.5
13 10 41
14 10.5 41.5
15 11 42
16 11.5 43
17 12 43.5-44


In an effort to get your order to you quickly, we fulfill orders immediately upon receipt. Therefore, we are unable to cancel orders or make any changes to an order once it has been placed.


We recommend the following methods to care for your shoes and handbags:


Spray with stain repellant prior to use. When soiled, wipe with a clean, damp cloth and apply neutral or colored polish or leather lotion. Buff lightly with a soft cloth when dry. Do not apply polish to oil tanned leathers.

Patent Leather

Patent leather should be kept away from plastic and other patent leathers, and should be cleaned with only patent leather cleaner. Do not use household cleaners on patent leather.


Spray with stain repellant prior to use. Use a soft bristled suede brush or block to remove dried soil. For wet, oily or ink stains, professionally clean only. Shoe trees are highly recommended for storage.

Printed Materialsbr

Do not use stain repellant as it may discolor the material. Do not store skin shoes in plastic bags as they need to "breathe". Place skin shoes in their boxes, carefully ensuring that the scales do not rub and lift. Shoe trees are highly recommended for storage.

Peau de Soie and Satin

Spray with stain repellant prior to use (except white satin that will be dyed). Professional stain removal is necessary. Shoe trees are highly recommended for storage.


Spray with a stain repellant prior to use. Use warm water and mild soap to remove wet stains. Allow time to dry before wearing. Remove dried soil with a soft bristle brush.


Spray with a stain repellant prior to use. Use warm water and mild soap to remove wet stains. Allow time to dry before wearing. Remove dried soil with a soft bristle brush.